Sportsmanship? Character? … WIN AT ALL COSTS! … (Part II)

Nick’s note:  Wow… my last words at the end of Part I were ” Read on in Part II… to follow very soon.”  “Very soon” turned into six weeks.  Oops.  In a nutshell, a week of job-related training, a week of being sick, a week and a half of my laptop being sick (had to go get professionally debugged), Christmas hullaballoo, and Ryan coming home on leave led to an extensive delay.

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Penn State. 

I want to write about this… and I don’t.  The whole, horrible story makes me sick.

Where to start?  The victims.  I pray for the victims to find peace and healing, and if that requires money, Penn State should pay through the nose.  It’s going to be expensive.  That’s called chickens coming home to roost.  Karma.  Justice.  The coverup always does more damage (at least in the university’s case) than the offense.

Unfortunately, because there is going to be money paid out, there will be false “victims” seeking a slice of the pie.  It always happens in prominent scandals like this… another sad statement on the sickness of our society.  I hope they get caught, humiliated, and prosecuted if possible.

On to the enablers… the numerous, nauseating enablers who are the real heart of what makes this sad, horrifying situation the story that it is.  After all, predators like Jerry Sandusky are a dime a dozen.  Unfortunately, they’re so commonplace that, by themselves, they’re hardly news.  What makes this story stand out is the sheer number of supposedly good, professional, respectable people who looked the other way while this monster committed his foul deeds… including one who was frequently referred to by many people as “the great man”.

Joe Paterno… “the great man” [another stellar example of the need for a sarcasm font] … should go to prison.  I don’t care if he is 85 years old.  And I don’t care for any of his other excuses put out by him or his many apologists.  The notion that he did the bare minimum he was required to do — that he was just an employee who reported to his superiors and therefore had no responsibility or capability to do more — is, pardon my language, bullshit.  “Joe Pa” was, for lack of a better term, a god at Penn State University.  He could’ve handled it any way he wanted to.  He chose to protect the program and his reputation.  He should go to prison for his criminal negligence in failing to stop Sandusky.

All the other Penn State officials that knew and did nothing should also go to prison.  They made their choices when they participated in the coverup.

Mike McQueary … wow, I can’t despise this man enough.  His statements to the press and public have been constantly shifting, and don’t match his official statements to the police and grand jury.  “I did stop it, not physically, but I made sure it stopped.”  Sandusky stopped because he realized he had a witness, not because of any action taken by McQueary… who then ran to his daddy to ask him what he should do.  McQueary’s constant whining that, despite all evidence to the contrary, he “did the right thing” is the desperate cry of a deservedly guilty conscience.  He witnessed a 60 year old man raping a boy that he himself described as appearing to be 10 years old… and did nothing.  Prison?  Absolutely.

And what of Dottie Sandusky, the wife?  If the testimony of Victim # 9 is to be believed, Mrs. Sandusky had to have known of her husband’s activities.  (# 9 testified that he screamed for help at a time that he knew she was in the house, but no help came.)  If she knew, she’s as guilty as the rest.

Jerry Sandusky… what can I say… I’d wish this monster a long and nasty prison sentence, except that I wouldn’t mind at all if another monster cut his life short in prison (à la Jeffrey Dahmer).  After that… burn in hell, Sandusky.

For anyone still doubting his guilt, consider the following:  In addition to the accounts of the victims, you have the eyewitness testimony of McQueary and others (there was another criminal act witnessed by janitors).  To listen to this man proclaim his innocence while attempting increasingly implausible explanations for what others have described (“wrestling”, “massages”, “horseplay”, “blowing on bellies”, “teaching poor kids how to wash themselves properly”) is to wish the scumbag would shut the hell up and find it in himself to end his miserable, worthless life.


4 thoughts on “Sportsmanship? Character? … WIN AT ALL COSTS! … (Part II)

    • Sam, I agree with your point. Unfortunately, that was never going to happen. Vatican City is its own country for a reason. It takes them out of the reach of other countries. I’m sure the Pope would agree to extradite himself or his Cardinals about the time hell freezes over.
      And I don’t think that the Bishops/Archbishops/etc over here would ever point fingers up the chain of command and say “He told me to cover it up and just move the priest to a new place.” The officials here should have been prosecuted, and they weren’t. But I think if they had been, they would have testified, “no one told me to do it; it’s just the way we’ve always handled it.” And sadly, that would have probably been the truth.
      I remember a few years back when the Boston Archdiocese claimed that they couldn’t pay any more settlements because they were broke. BS! When you sue Walmart for damages, you’re not suing the store or the district offices, you’re suing company HQ. The same idea should apply to the Catholic Church. Boston’s out of money? That’s OK, Rome has plenty more.

  1. Nick, you have no idea what this thing has cost me and my family. For more than 64 years I have carried the family name with dignity and honor. You know that I have served my country in both the Navy and as a police officer. I could walk tall. Now, there are questions, never asked directly, but heard as I walk out of a room, or into one…..Does this go through the whole family?…….Is he a pervert too?…… Well, the pervert is in no way related to me, and I am sickened over the way he has sullied the name. And I hate the way the TV & radio says the name. There are those of us who have carried the Sandusky name with honor, pride and decency. This whole thing sickens me.

    • Allan, I’m sorry for the way this has affected you. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, you share a last name with an evil SOB. But, as you said, he’s not related to you. I can’t put myself in your shoes, but I would question the intelligence of anyone who thinks it reflects on you. You’re a good man. Walk tall, my friend.

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